Start at the beginning!

I’ve been hesitating for a while now to create a blog for my reading and reviews, and today I decided to stop hesitating and to take the leap after a newsletter from author Dixon Reuel convinced me to give ARC’s another try. Also I found out that my StoryGraph TBR isn’t accessible to non-users and that kind of annoyed me.

I tend to read older books, mostly because I’m always playing catch-up with my TBR list (it’s somewhere round 500 books as I write this) but a girl’s gotta put her money where her mouth is, or her words where her tastes are, I guess. There’s always so many great books coming out that I just want to read but push back til later, and I guess that’s a good way to keep myself accountable too!

With about a month to go til the end of the year, I’ve got a great pile of books I want to read by then, including Olivia Waite’s Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows, Arkady Martine’s A Memory Called Empire and… Well, a lot of others! I might also repost some of my most recent reviews.

Stay tuned!