Trying out r/Fantasy 2021 bingo (but make it SFF)

I’m not on Reddit (I only follow AITA and r/relationship on twitter and give my ruthless opinion) but I’ve spotted this bingo (also on Twitter) and I’ve decided to give it a try.

To give a bit of contest, it’s held each year on r/Fantasy and runs from 1st April to 31st March. Now, I’ve still got a lot on my plate this month so I might only start seriously from next month on, unless some of my current reads qualify. But overall, thinking about what I normally read, and what’s on my ever-expanding TBR, it should be doable (even in hard mode).

Here’s the bingo card if you want to join in too:

It’s bigger than your regular bingo card, but it’s also a whole year so I think that’s fair. One of the rules is also that you can’t use a book twice, and you can’t use an author twice (except for the short stories if you read a multi-author antho, then you can read one of those authors for another tile too) which seems fair.

I’ve spent some time over the weekend planning a spread in my notebook, which involved printing and gluing in a copy of the bingo sheet, then writing down the prompts and hard mode prompts as a list. I even bought myself little star stickers to stick in it, though I’m not quite sure yet if I want to start writing in titles as I go. Some books have got to fill in more than one prompt so it could get messy, but also my memory isn’t that great to remember what I did read.

But I’m very excited for this. It’s in the rules that any speculative fiction counts, so I’m also going to use this to read some of the hard-SF I got on my pile and can’t wait to read but don’t have the time for.

Hard mode: can I fill in TWO cards?