2022 in Books

Teal banner with the title "2022 in books", with teal and purple flower decorations around it

I feel a bit late to the party of 2022 recaps, but I didn’t want to do it until it was truly over. 2022 has been a busy year for me, as you can read in my personal note from last month, but in the middle of all that, it’s the year I read the most in probably ever. (maybe I read more in highschool? but who knows. I didn’t count it then. And even so, I don’t think so).

In spite of reading very little in October and December, I read 150 books overall! I think this is best represented by my reading bookshelf :

Hand-drawn books over 2 pages of a notebook, forming a large bookshelf. The books are coloured in, in many colours, numbering 150 books. There are decorative stickers of plants, teapots and books.
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