Proofreading Services

Why hire me?

I’m passionate about books and stories, and would love to help you get yours to the next level! In terms of qualifications, I have a BA in English (literature, history, linguistics and translation), as well as an MA focused on English literature and cultural studies. Let’s just say English is a special interest of mine and I will catch any typos and grammatical errors. I’m also bilingual and happy to help you sort out any French language in your book.


When your book is almost ready to be published, but you want someone to have one last look for any leftover spelling issues and typos. I will do a first chapter to gauge the amount of work needed, and so you can see if you’re happy with my work. from 0.01/word

French proofread

Do you have that one character who says a few words in French? There’s nothing worse than messing up a foreign language and realizing too late! Get some peace of mind by getting a native speaker (me!) to check it for you!
0.05€/word, 3€ minimum (or price of a ko-fi)

If you’re interested in having your text translated entirely, please reach out to hammer out the details!

Beta Reading

Want a reader’s first impressions to make sure your text hits the right notes? I will read it and send you detailed, honest feedback. Please message me with a plot summary and the length of your manuscript to get a quote.

Sensitivity Reading

I can offer sensitivity reading for the following:

  • Queerness (mostly bisexuality but also queer history, and more general queer rep. I’m a cis woman so if you’re looking for someone to review your transgender rep, I’m not the best person for this!)
  • Mental health, depression, trauma response and PTSD
  • Chronic pain, chronic fatigue (if you have specific conditions in mind please reach out with details and I will let you know if I can cover that, and try to suggest other readers if not)

    I will send you detailed feedback and suggestions.
    from 0.01€/word

I’m also happy to discuss custom rates if you have a handwritten manuscript to type up/transcribe. Please message me!