March overview (cat pics included)

March was a little bit of a low month, both in terms of reading and in my personal life. I’ve basically got all the assignments due for college, plus a bunch of health issues came knocking since early February so I’m exhausted all the time. Which, strangely enough, isn’t very conducive to reading…

I feel like I started a lot of things but did not finish much.

Then again I just had a look at what I read this month and it’s not too bad.

  • I just finished One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest this weekend. It’s for an assignment, and I’ve been dragging my feet to read it, which I think influenced just how much ELSE I got (not) done this month. I’m just not really into this postmodern, unreliable narrator thing, and contemporary fiction… But having read it I do think it’s a good thing to have psych students read, it puts the focus on a lot of medical abuse that psychology kinda got away with over the year, and it’s important, even if it’s by no means a fun read.
  • As a spillover from F/F February, I went on to read Other Words for Smoke at the beginning of the month, which I really enjoyed. I think it stayed with me a lot more than a similar book would have, simply because it’s set in the Dublin area, and living in Dublin it added to the uncanny.
  • I didn’t review it here directly but I finished the Murderbot Diaries series with Network Effect, and it was a lot of fun. I don’t think it could be read as a standalone, despite being the first novel in the series, because it does rely on a lot of previous context from the series. It was a nice wrapup though, and gave Wells the time to explore more of the universe and characters she sketched out (in quite a bit of detail already) in the novellas, and bring back old favourites.
  • I went through some more novellas (Nghi Vo’s duology, and Cat Sebastian’s a little light mischief, very different genres and styles), which I think were just the right size for me at the time.
  • Read a bit more middle grade with the second book in the Murder Most Unladylike series!
  • I also started quite a few things that I intend to finish in April, so more on that later!

I also got some lovely washi tape and stencils to use for my (not quite bullet) journaling, which I’m looking forward to using a bit more extensively. I did make nice spreads for my reading, which I’m happy with!

April Plans

So, ok, looking back on that… even if most of them were on the short side, it’s not so bad!

I have big plans for April, and I received quite a few books recently! I want to read them all…

But realistically I’m still exhausted, and I’ve still got a lot of things to do both at work and at college, so I’ll rein in my horses, so to speak. I think this month again, I’ll focus on novellas and shorter (audio)books, and maybe a few MG novels. Just some bite-sized content that I can get around too.

It’s also camp nanowrimo, and while I’m not really doing it on the website itself, I always do it on 4thewords, the RPG type game I use to motivate myself to write. They always have a special, one-off adventure for Camps and Nanowrimo itself (as well as occasional events for things like Valentine’s Day or Pride) and it’s just a chill, inclusive community (use the referral code GZNRQ83820 if you want to join in on the fun!)

But doing that means I’ll likely be spending more time writing than reading, so we’ll see how it goes!

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