June recap, half year wrap-up, July bingo

For this wrap-up since we’re now halfway through the year I will look quickly at my monthly reads, then my progress so far this year, before delving into my plans for July.

June wrap-up

June was such a great month for me! I actually read the most books out of any month this year so far, with 17 books read in total (and 3 DNFs).

2 of the read books were e-ARCs so I’m once again more or less on track with my netgalley shelf. On top of that I read another 3 ebooks. I’m still very far from my goal of reading 30 ebooks this year, but every single one counts!

I got to say, I read mostly audiobooks, and mostly books under 300 pages. Though, of the audios I read, it’s about half and half between over/under 8 hours. I’m really enjoying the new audio tracking features on The Storygraph that allows you to track how many hours of audio you’ve read, instead of counting those as pages!

So, for this month I’ve read over 2500 pages of paper/ebooks, and 55h of audiobooks! Not bad, if I say so myself!

Which brings me to…

Half Year Recap

Can’t believe the year’s half gone already!

I’ve now ticked off book #82 on my list (as of writing this, on June 30th). My original goal was to read 100 books this year but if I keep to this speed I could reach 160! I still don’t want to put pressure on myself, who knows what will happen in the second half of the year – but one thing is certain, I will read more than 20 books between now and December… I’m at a minimum of 10 a month. So I’ve upped my goal to 120 at the moment, just to keep things chill.

I’m also very happy with how my “library” in my journal looks at the moment:

Picture of a lined notebook page with shelves and books drawn on the page. The title reads "2022 books" and the books are coloured in pencil, a majority in red and blue but other colours also show, like green or yellow. There are a few stickers of plants, books and a teapot also lining the shelves.
The first 80 books of the year! Each colour represents a genre, with SF in blue and Fantasy in red/orange

For my pages goal, I’ve actually reduced it. The reason is that I went back and made Storygraph count all my audiobooks read this year in hours. Which removed some pages. So instead of a goal of 25k pages for the year including audio, I have two separate goals: 20k pages for paper/ebooks, and 600 hours for audiobooks. Happy to report I’m still ahead for both! I had no clue just how many hours of audiobooks I was reading before this…

I’ve also already completed over half the prompts in the r/Fantasy bingo which started in April, so no pressure there!

Where I’m finding myself lacking a bit is in nonfiction reading, as well as in ebooks. I’ve only read 8 ebooks this year, out of my goal of 30. I can definitely do better! That said I have a bunch of e-comics to read so I might dedicate a month or so later this year to clearing that backlog. I’ve read 6 nonfiction books so far, which is better than previous years, but I still want to read more.

I’m also struggling to complete my Discworld reading challenge, in part because I’m not in the mood and in part because I’m relying on the library. They recently gave me the Small Gods comics adaptation instead of the novel, which was great but not what I was looking for!

July plans

I’ll be on holidays abroad for a week in July and a week in August, which means that I’ll be trying to travel light. I think for this, I’ll take a few light paperbacks, and then focus on reading those pesky ebooks!

I’ve also joined last minute the Ready Player Read challenge on SFF Oasis’s discord. I’m in Team Paragon, so the most points are where in the lines that intersect with “archetypal hero”… we’ll see how that goes!

I’ve a few I already know how to cross off, but since I read a lot based on mood, we’ll see how it goes!

My second goal is to finish all books I’ve borrowed from the library and bring them back before I leave for my holidays, so before July 23rd… Wish me luck!

What are your own summer reading plans? Any summer-themed books you plan to read or do you just go with the flow like I do?

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