January reads! and other musings

Not much of a recap to do, as I’ve reviewed pretty much all I read this month already.

I’ve received loads of books (thanks to belated Christmas presents and the slow postal system, I’ve had a trickle of surprises this month) and I look forward to reading them all but in practice I’ve not read as much as I wanted this month.

January started right up with exams and a 3k lit review to write (and me regretting having gone back to study while also working full time) so it wasn’t exactly conducive to spending time reading. Then friends got me back into playing Stardew Valley, so it’s been a gaming month more than a reading month, but I’ve started keeping track in my bullet journal and it’s actually a lot better than I thought!

I actually ended up reading more ebooks than I normally do!

I’ve also started playing Merchant of the Skies and it’s loads of fun. It’s low stakes, kinda stardew valley-like (and not just for the visual style), but with the concept and some mechanics reminiscent of Sunless Skies – you go around and trade and fill out quests and discover more of this universe as you go. It’s simple but really engrossing!

As for books, I think if I had to pick ONE this month that really stuck with me, it’d be Upright Women Wanted. Absolutely blew my mind and I keep thinking back to it, I really hope there is more to come in this particular universe! Belle Revolte and Desdemona and the Deep would be close seconds.

I’ve also started a lot of books that I’ve yet to finish, mostly because I don’t have time or can’t focus, and through no fault of their own, so I’m really hoping I can write more about that in the next month! I’ve got some plans to do F/F February but eeeeh it’ll depend how much time I’ve got to read. Realistically 90% of my TBR is F/F so it would not be very hard!

Louxor trying to help me sort my TBR

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