(February and) March wrapup

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So things got a little bit away from me there…

To give you a bit of context, I’ve been struggling with my health (yes, again, that’s the “chronic” part unfortunately, and it’s making me exhausted, and also depressed, so that’s a double whammy there) while having to restart work, and job searching for something better for both my sanity and my health. Oh, and I moved apartments! So, it’s been busy. And in the middle of all that, I kept thinking I needed to do a February wrapup, until it was mid-March and I thought, well… The same happened with reviews, where I’ve been postponing some so much that I just can’t think what I wanted to say anymore.

So here we are, March has just ended, I’m still in the same job, I’m still exhausted all the time… but on the plus side, I’ve read some cool books! I managed to finish the r/fantasy bingo, as you might have seen earlier this week. I’ve read some of my physical books, too, and a buttload of audiobooks because they help me get through stuff when I otherwise don’t have the spoons to focus.

You might remember from my last recap post that I’d asked my Twitter feed to pick some books for me to read in february. This did not go well… I fully meant to read them, but apparently telling me what to read leads to me not reading it. 2 months later, I’ve crossed off 2 out of 8 books. That said, they were great books (both Ancillary Justice, and Bone Shard Daughter) so my twitter followers have great taste and clearly I should listen to them!

I ALSO dropped the ball on the Pondathon challenge. I was already lagging in getting my read books submitted through the form, and then CW announced she’ll be closing her blog in June and Pondathon with it, and it just sapped the rest of my motivation if I’m being honest. I totally support her doing what’s good for her and moving on to other things, it’s no-one’s fault here, just one of these things. I don’t have much energy and want to prioritize what sparks joy. Clearly a lot of work and love is going into Pondathon and it’s lovely, but maybe it just wasn’t for me.

On the other hand, I’ll likely give r/Fantasy bingo another try this year, it was fun even if I finished it quite last minute, and the prompts fit into what I normally read, so I can keep doing mainly reading what I want depending on my mood.

After all this talk, let me give you a bit of a stats rundown of the last 2 months (feel free to skip if you’re not obsessed with math like I am):

~ Some Stats ~


Read: 14
paper: 7
(incl. library: 2)
audio: 6
ebooks: 1

Nonfiction: 2

Cleared from my “owned books” TBR (what I read/DNF minus what I bought): 5


Read: 10
Paper: 3
(incl. library: 1)
audio: 6
ebooks: 1

Nonfiction: 1

Cleared from my “owned books” TBR: 2

2022 so far

Read: 40 (/100 yearly goal)

Paper: 18
Ebooks: 3/30

Nonfiction: 4/9

Cleared from owned TBR: 7 ebooks … but +10 paper books

If you’re wondering how I can have read 3 ebooks and cleared 7 off my list… I’m cheating by reading the matching audiobook off of scribd. But it’s still an ebook I own that I don’t have to read!

I’ve also reached book 6 (out of 15 out so far) of the October Daye series, so I’m pacing very well on that objective, though I’m helped by the fact that the first 7 audios are on scribd… It’ll be slower from there!

My idea to clear out my TBR hasn’t been really helped by me buying so much in January when the Chapters bookstore closed… it should be easier from there.


I don’t think I disliked anything I read (other than what I DNF’d) these past two months, and a lot was very high quality.

Top reads for February (in no particular order):

and March:

What Now?

I’m over a month early on my annual goal, so I’m going to make no specific plans for April except for reading what I want. Ideally, I’d like to tackle a few of my larger books since there’s no pressure, and get back the stuff I borrowed from the library (4 books in all, 2 I’ve already started). I’ll likely still listen to a lot of audiobooks.

In terms of the blog, I’ll try to get back to more regular reviews, or at least do some small reviews if not full length ones. And stay put for more on the r/fantasy bingo 2022!

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