F/F February TBR

It seems that everyone I know is doing F/F February, and as I said to a couple of friends, every month is F/F month with me anyway. So Why Not give it a try, I thought. Maybe it’ll help me strike books off my TBR, since this year’s unofficial goals are to clear some shelf space AND reduce my actual TBR – currently sitting at 522 books… All of this to say:

So the extra challenge for me is that It needs to already be on my TBR and preferably something I own. Luckily Imi and Ellie who’re organizing F/F february have a handy list! Let’s see if I can fill in the handy bingo:

  • an F/F contemporary, historical and/or romance: EASY! I’ve been planning to read The Care and Feeding of Waspish Widows for months and for some reason haven’t yet! The first book in this series was up there among my best reads of 2020 so it’s high time I read this one!
  • a book by a 2020 or 2021 Debut Author: hmmm this is where my bad brain for dates fails me. but thanks to Imi I remembered about wanting to read Cinderella is Dead for a while now, so I’m gonna try to get my hands on it (buying physical books in Ireland is proving… challenging, brexit and all).
  • F/F book featuring my fave trope: hmmm this one’s hard because I don’t… know what tropes are in what books? I’ll take a leap of faith here and tell myself I WILL finally read Priory of the Orange Tree which I think fits queen-and-knight tropes? idk. I’ll try anyway!
  • an audiobook, graphic novel or multimedia story: I love audiobooks and YET nothing comes to mind… it’ll honestly depend on what I can get my hands on from the library app! maybe now’s the time to sign up to an audiobook service…
  • a backlist book: so you mean any of the 1000 books I’ve got? I’ll go with A Memory Called Empire.
I’ve the most patient cat!
  • A reread of a book I loved: I’ll go with This Is How You Lose The Time War because it’s short but also because it very likely improves on rereading
  • F/F Scifi or fantasy: again, that’s every book on the pile here… I’ll go with Record of a Spaceborn Few. I don’t know if it’s actually queer but the universe is queernorm and it’s Becky Chambers so it counts anyway
So many books he doesn’t know where to look!
  • A Sapphic Own Voices book: I’m going to go with Huntress by Malinda Lo, because I loved Ash, and I’ve owned it for ages. Like a whole year! My copy of the book was thrifted and isn’t even fit for public presentation…
  • A rec from a friend: Should very likely be Other Words for Smoke because some people have been insisting about just how good it is
Lucky also decided to have a sniff

And that should be it! if I’ve got extra time I’ll add Girl Woman Other, and maybe Biketopia but for now that seems like a lot already!

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