Cover reveal: Tessa Hastjarjanto’s Devil’s Deal, and scavenger hunt!

Bringing you something a little different today, celebrating the relaunch of Tessa’s novel, Devil’s Deal, with a brand new cover! And I’ve had a sneak peek at the others in the series, they’re gorgeous!

Without further ado…

Devil’s Deal

Series: Infernal Contracts #1
Publisher: Narratess
Cover Design: Ravven

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Read the whole post for some extra goodies and a chance at a free ebook!

The story

When two angels break their deal with the Devil, he comes for the one they’re trying to protect.

16-year-old Eleonora Santos works through the summer break so she can visit her family in Italy when she graduates. With the new school year around the corner, her focus is back on homework and enjoying life with her tight group of friends. But on their first day back, she finds them fawning over two new guys in their class—Ben and Danny. 

Not a day goes by before Nora’s life is turned upside down. Her best friend now hates her, and the boys seem eager to get to know her. Despite their charming efforts, she’d rather have her best friend, not a boyfriend. 

When Nora discovers Ben and Danny are not who they claim to be, and their nefarious deal goes wrong, Nora is caught in the middle.

To fix their mistakes, she must face the Devil and betray herself—or pay with her life.

Devil’s Deal is a YA romance novel with a paranormal twist set in the fictional Dutch city Lakeside.

The Infernal Contracts trilogy is perfect for fans of the Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries, and Fallen.

Scavenger hunt

Welcome to the Devil’s Deal Scavenger Hunt! To celebrate the new cover and the new edition, we’ve got a few digital goodies for you featuring the beautiful art from the cover made by Ravven. And as a thank-you, you will be able to download Devil’s Deal for free until the end of the year if you complete the scavenger hunt!

All blogs taking part in the cover reveal today have a clue that you need to decipher the password to access the rewards. So visit every blog, write down the answer, and go to the page on Narratess to unlock all the goodies! All of the answers can be found in the blurb of the book.

Clue #1 can be found at Unwrapping Words, hosted by Elle

Clue #2 can be found at Rebbie Reviews, hosted by Rebbie

You can find Clue #3 on the author’s website😈

Clue #4 can be found at Books and Lemon Squash, hosted by Nikki

And Clue #4 is right here for you:

What is the name of the other angel? Ben and…

Head over to this page, enter the password, and collect your bounty!

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