Author highlight: Courtney Milan

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I may read mainly scifi and fantasy, but I’ve developed a healthy love for romance recently (more like, since I found out there are good queer historical romances if you know where to look).

I’ve been following Milan on twitter ever since the whole Romance Writers of America debacle (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you’re probably better off not knowing, but it boils down to: racism) and her threads and law opinions are always very interesting. And yet I’d never read any of her books until this year.

Thankfully, Scribd has a lot of her work on audiobook, so I remedied that earlier this year, and I’ve enjoyed every book from her I’ve read so far. If you love diverse historical romance (or even contemporary romance), flawed characters with mental health in particular as a key topic, and characters (especially men) who learn to be better, I fully recommend giving her books a try!

(Also, and this seems like a key fact everyone needs to know about: Pele the dog sometimes co-signs her books with his pawprint!)

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