April highlights and a bit of a chat

April was another busy month, I’m finishing up my psych degree at the moment so there were loads of assignments and exams to prepare for, on top of full time work. This left very little time for reading, but I still kept on track with my goals. I’m still planning to read 75 books this year, and hoping to increase this to 100 depending on how the summer goes.

With things wrapping up, and work being slow, I’m also hoping to get a lot more reading in the coming months. I’ve scored a few ARCs I’m really looking forward to, I’ll tell you all about them shortly!

My health is giving me some issues and I don’t know if it’s long Covid (never was tested positive but it doesn’t mean anything does it) or Something Else, but my energy has been really low and I get bad… flare ups, I guess. Slowly coming to terms with the idea that this is the new normal for me too. It’s annoying because there are times where I can’t do anything, not even read! Audiobooks are a life saver there, to be honest, because it makes me focus on something else, and it makes me feel less like I’m doing nothing.

This month’s highlights:

  • Local Star, by Aimee Ogden. This novella just slaps! Queernorm, polyamorous, space station mystery/investigation with some cool space battles!
  • Clocktaur War, by T. Kingfisher. Just a cool fantasy story with great snark and enjoyable characters. The first volume is really short too and I like bite-sized stories
  • Poppy War, by R.F. Kuang. Again, I’ve not fully processed my feelings about this book yet. It took me a while to read it, and it’s… heavy, to say the least. But quite possibly brilliant.

I’m also thinking of what to do next, and June is not so far off, so I want to do something special for Pride 🏳️‍🌈 (while also being conscious that I’ve limited spoons and limited time to do anything. I do want to make sure to include different identities and center bi, trans and nonbinary characters/authors in particular. Should I do a bingo? Should I look at everything queer I own and make myself a shortlist? all suggestions welcome 🙂

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